Monday, October 31, 2011

Fishermans Wharf to Santa Cruz Walk a Success!!!!

I arrived in Santa Cruz on Saturday October 28th at around 830pm.

The experience so far has been incredible. The people that I have met, the compassion and love has been overwhelming. I have hugged so many people. Very kind people all along the coast pulled their cars over to ask if I needed a ride into the next town and I lovingly told them no and explained to them what I was doing. On almost every encounter they got out of their cars and gave me a hug. I am loving every minute of this.

I am working on a video to show my adventure so far. I will put this on my blog soon.

Total distance so far is 120 miles. The terrain has been challenging. My knee has healed. I take 2 aspirin in the morning and then I am set for the day.  I am reorganizing and resting and staying with my dad for this next week in San Jose, CA. On Monday next week I will take a bus to Santa Cruz, CA and walk to San Diego, CA.


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