Monday, October 31, 2011

Fishermans Wharf to Santa Cruz Walk a Success!!!!

I arrived in Santa Cruz on Saturday October 28th at around 830pm.

The experience so far has been incredible. The people that I have met, the compassion and love has been overwhelming. I have hugged so many people. Very kind people all along the coast pulled their cars over to ask if I needed a ride into the next town and I lovingly told them no and explained to them what I was doing. On almost every encounter they got out of their cars and gave me a hug. I am loving every minute of this.

I am working on a video to show my adventure so far. I will put this on my blog soon.

Total distance so far is 120 miles. The terrain has been challenging. My knee has healed. I take 2 aspirin in the morning and then I am set for the day.  I am reorganizing and resting and staying with my dad for this next week in San Jose, CA. On Monday next week I will take a bus to Santa Cruz, CA and walk to San Diego, CA.


Monday, October 24, 2011

Practice walk going well! Resting!

I left Fishermans Wharf in San Fransisco, CA on October 20th. I walked to Pacifica, I slept on the front porch of a Baptist church. I arrived to town to late to look for something else and I was pretty tired. This post is a summation of the past 5 days on my warm up walk. I am keeping a daily journal and when I arrive in Santa Cruz, CA to start my official walk I will post each day seperately.

Still only on every other Sunday but I will input each day in my journal.

In San Fransisco I purchased a really nice video camera and while I was at the store I told the owner what I am doing and after spending almost four hours in wonderful converstion, he gifted me a tripod. Unbelievable amount of gratitde I have.

In Pacifica, after waking from a great nights sleep, I walked over to the local coffee shop and met the owner Bob. He and several other customers were so gracious and offered me coffee and a  bagel for the road. One young lady, I don't think I ever got her name, bought me a pack of my favorites cigars. Thank you.

I left Pacifica at around 10:30am on October 21st and walked to Linda Mar Beach where I decided to rest for a while, I took off my clothes and bathed in the sun. I accidentally fell asleep and you can probably imagine how sunburned I was.

I left Linda Mar Beach in the evening around 6pm that day. I walked to a spot on highway 1 that is named Devil's Slide. I walked until I got to a point on the Highway that the shoulder litterally drops off and there is no place for people to walk. This guy Kevin was kind enough to give me a ride to El Grenada just on the opposite side of Devil's Slide. It was late in the evening but I was full of energy so I decided to keep walking until I hit Half Moon Bay, CA. I have camped here at Frasier State Beach for past couple of nights. The love and kindness of so many strangers has been overwhelming.

When I arrived at the campsite I met my neighbors Kevin, Kim, and Dawn. We stayed up quite late talking about life. Kevin was a wealth of knowledge about social media, videographing, etc.   I think it was because I got dehydrated but I finished off a bottle of Jim Beam Wiskey that night that I had purchased to nurse my ingrown toenail. These kind folks invited me to set up my camp right next to the fire and I slept right through a family of racoons hijacking our breakfast food which was only a couple of steps from me.

So far I have walked a distance of 55 miles and physically I feel fantastic Except my ligament right under my Kneecap burns intensely as I walk so I have decided to stay here for a few days to let this heal.Last night I met Doug and Chris that were riding there bikes from San Fransisco to Santa Cruz.
 I just this morning met these bycyclists  Brad and Stepanieand have been on the road for the past 2 months camping out traveling around California. I plan to invite them over to join me this evening at the fire I have.

I am stuck at a campsite on the beach in California and the weather is 75 degrees and blue skies. I am not complaing in any fashion.  At night it gets pretty cold and wet so I went yesterday to town and bought a tent and a sleeping bag..

Santa Cruz, CA total walking distance from Fisherman's Wharf is 105 miles. It is quite mountainous and the terrain is challenging.  When I get to Santa Cruz, I will update my blog again.

Thank you everyone for following my journey and I know that when I am walking alone that you are in one of my many pockets.